Did you know that 97% of all SMS messages are read in 3 minutes?

Become better at communication, marketing and increase sales with Jojka.


Send targeted, measurable messages that reach your recipients within 15 seconds, whether you want to sell your products or share news or important information.

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Be better! Send, measure, analyse, and compare. Analyse the data from your distributions and improve both your messages and your communication.

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Customer Service

Giving Customer Service their own login to Jojka enables them to quickly respond to customer concerns. Jojka can provide the right conditions.

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Benefit from Jojka directly in your app or system with our developer-friendly API

Jojka has a powerful API that lets you connect your system to Jojka. An integration automates the process of transferring customers and lists, eliminating the need for manual transfer from your system to Jojka.

Our modern REST API is easy to use with most programming languages.

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How can SMS text messaging be used in your line of business?

All industries can improve communication, marketing, and sales through SMS. Find out how your business can benefit from using SMS text messaging.

Online Gambling

Online Gambling

Reach out to your players directly and increase the number of repeat customers.

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E-Commerce, Retail & Customer Loyalty Clubs

Increase conversion and sales through SMS text messages to members and customers.

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Banking, Finance & Insurance

Security and delivery quality are key elements of successful SMS text messaging.

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Restaurants & Hotels

Send campaigns and messages directly to customer mobiles and boost your sales.

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Reach out to your donors and increase donations.

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Communicating with Employees

Communicate with your employees directly and effectively through SMS text messaging.

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Jojka really listened to our requests and ideas, both in terms of user-friendliness and, above all, features. As a result, this channel is now one of our most important ones for reaching out to our customers with the right message at the right time.

Alexander Fugah

CMO, KidsBrandStore

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